• There is an engaging immediacy to Saeed Sharifian’s music, allied to passion and profundity, exemplified in many works, where you are grabbed, almost as if by an ancient Mariner figure, who then proceeds to lead you, even mesmerise you, through a journey into profound depths of the soul

    Fand Music Press

    Impressive music. Gifted composer

    Musical Opinion

    Beautiful, expressive and evocative music

    Music Teacher

    I've never heard such complete music by any Asian composer, I adore it...

    Dr. Kim, New Jersey Philharmonic Orchestra


This is the official website and personal weblog of Saeed Sharifian. He is a prolific composer of symphonic, choral, ensemble and film music.

Among many positions held and activities undertaken he has been the Managing Director for the Iranian House of Music, is a founding member of Music Application in Mental and Physical Health Association, and a regular speaker on music in the media.

He has composed over 80 scores, varying from orchestral, choral, ensembles, electro-acoustic, film and TV music over the past 25 years. Many of these works have received performances throughout Europe, USA and the Middle East.