On Hasht Behesht film music

5 samples of ” Hasht Behesht” music have been added on.

These are part of music for the TV serial which was made up of 10 episodes and directed by Akbar Khajuyee in the year 1372 /1994.

The 10 episodes were made up of different stories based on Saadi’s Golestan and Rumi’s Masnavi, set in an atmosphere of old Persia with uplifting stories and spiritual connotations.

The music was a total of 62 minutes which were made up of pieces in order to suite the different emotional moments and the story lines in each episode. Therefore they varied from pieces for solo instruments to a fuller mixture of orchestral sounds. The instrumentation contained Persian traditional instruments such as santur, kamanche and daf as well as strings, clarinet, horns and percussion.

I always like to think that with music for film, the music (apart from the very effective moments), has to be listenable and enjoyable as a musical experience in its own right as well as serving its emotional and rhythmic needs of the picture that it is associated with.

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    salam .sayte zibaee darid .{ az har nazar }