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Selection of Film Music

  • One land, 5 Tribes
  • Abzarsaz
  • 8 Behesht (10 part TV serial)
  • What is the difference? (Animation)
  • The Grand Circus
  • Born again
  • The Forgiving Tree
  • Noghli and the sunflower (Animation)
  • Half of the World
  • The World of Photography (30 part program)
  • The Khazra High School (9 part TV series)
  • Ghazali
  • The Jewell of Happiness
  • Slope

Other works in chronological order

  • Jixopuzzle
    for flute, clarinet, xylophone, piano.
  • Fugue
    for string quartet.
  • Nocturne
    for flute and piano.
  • The symphonic poem “Ocean”
    for the symphony Orchestra and Chorus with solo tenor and narration,(English singing) and duration of circa 35 minutes.
  • 4 pieces for flute solo
    Slow – fast –very slow – fast.
  • 3 songs for soprano and piano on the poems by Miroslav Holub (English singing)
    A boy’s head – The forest – A fairy tale. A set of 3 songs with wide dynamic ranges, written in 1982 with Mr. Holub’s cooperation. Circa 7 minutes.
  • Harmonic planet
    Electronically generated natural harmonics with different timers are each designed as representatives of each planet which sound randomly over a well defined duration and rhythmic pattern, creating rotary motions and overlapping movements of the Planets within the Solar system.
  • The song of desert
    Electro acoustic music.
  • Bells
    Tape music.
  • Le corti at 6 AM.
  • Rhapsody
    for wind orchestra.
  • Sostenuto
    for 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 2 trumpets, guitar and piano.
  • Chorals
    for Brass orchestra.
  • Mirage
    for unaccompanied chamber choir. A microtonal composition for chamber choir or a group of singers.
  • Country images for piano / (Tasavire rustayee)
    4 pieces for piano based on composed folkloric melodies which are in form and spirit of the Persian folkloric musical culture, written in 1986 and were published in Iran in 1990. Andante tranquillo – moderato – andante – allegro, circa 9.30 minutes.
  • Reed hunting
    for voice and piano on poem by Manucher Atashi, ( Farsi singing ).
  • Monotone
    for 2 flutes, circa 11 minutes.
  • Duo for clarinet and piano
    In 2 movements, circa 7.30 minutes.
  • 2 solos for violoncello
    Fast – very slow, circa 4 minutes.
  • Collection of Lieder for soprano and piano on poems by Hafez
    Farsi singing with English based on G.H. Wilberforce Clarke’s translation. It started as an ongoing musical project in which 3 have been written so far in different years. This set of 3 songs was published in the UK by the Fand Music Press in 2001. They are based in modal writing in order to be more in harmony with the spirit of the Hafez poems. The 1st one is of criticizing nature of pedanticizem in the spiritual world, while the 2nd is a love song and the 3rd, of spiritual beauty and elevation. Allegro moderato – andante – allegro.
  • Ensemble
    for 2 violins, clarinet and harp on folklore melodies from Dezful (central Iran) and Khorasan (the north east).
  • Works for string orchestra and a group of Persian traditional instruments on Radif music.
  • 4 pieces on folkore melodies from Gorgan (Iran)
    for clarinet, string quartet and harp/guitar. Moderato – allegro moderato – lento-presto, circa 11 minutes.
  • 4 pieces for symphony orchestra on Gorgani melodies
    ( South East of the Caspian Sea ),  duration 12 minutes.
  • Silk road suite
    for symphony orchestra.
  • Darya (the sea)
    for acappella choir on poem by Yadolla Royayi, (Farsi singing).
  • Orb of the Night (Helale  shab)
    for flute and guitar, published by the Chang Music Press in 1992. Duration circa 12 minutes.
  • Sistani piece
    for 2 guitars, (from the South East of Iran).
  • Beatitudes
    for choir and church organ (English singing), on Sermon of the Mount.
  • Orchestral suite
    for the symphony orchestra with a group of Persian traditional instruments. Based on 4 folkloric melodies, where the traditional instruments as a group, form a different and unique sound within the orchestral texture. Duration 12.30 minutes.
  • Eeide  (celebrations)
    for a chamber choir and ensemble of instruments on poem by Hafez, (Farsi singing) For Chamber choir, clarinet, trumpet in c, 2 Horns, timpani and percussion, 4 violins, Double Bass and 2 pianos. Duration 10 minutes.
  • Variation for orchestra on Gilani and Kurdi melodies
    duration 21 minutes.
  • Sardaran symphony
    Composed for music and stage production, released by Neydavud in 1999. Duration 42 minutes.
  • Bani Adam…
    for choir, orchestra and solo alto on the poem of  Saadi , (Farsi singing), In 1 movement, duration circa 7.30 minutes.
  • Seirosoluk  (the inner journey)
    released by Sorush Music Publication in 1996.  24 pieces of music with Santur solos, circa 45 minutes.
  • Arvand symphony
    In the living memory of the Unknown Soldier, distributed by Arghanun Music Publication in 2001. Allegro vivo – lento – lento – allegro moderato, duration 51 minutes.
  • Eclipse (Khosuf)
    for choir, orchestra, piano, Harp, soprano and mezzo soprano soloists and a male Iranian traditional singer, (Farsi singing). A 107 minutes oratorio in 8 parts. Distributed by Neydavud in 2007.
  • Moderato for piano
    published by Fand Music Press in 2004.
  • Sextet
    for string quartet, tar and piano. In 2 movements, allegro-allegro tranquillo, circa 11.30 minutes.
  • Tolu  (Sunrise)
    for symphony Orchestra, choir, solo mezzo soprano, solo male and female Iranian traditional singers. A second oratorio in 3 movements, circa 55 minutes.
  • String quartet in one movement.
    Recorded by Shahrzad Quartet – 2012.
  • Dawn
    for String Orchestra, published by Fand Music Press in 2008, duration 5 Minutes.
  • Ferdose Javid for symphony orchestra – choir and  solo Persian traditional singer – Circa 11 minutes, 2010.
  • In The Forest
    for string orchestra – 2010.
  • Fantasy for piano. 2011, Circa 10 minutes.
  • The Sun Symphony.
  • Ballad for piano.