Eclipse / Khosuf

For choir, orchestra, piano, Harp, soprano and mezzo soprano soloists and a male Iranian traditional singer, (Farsi singing). A 107 minutes oratorio in 8 parts. premiered for 5 nights in the Vahdat Opera House by joint collaboration of the Tehran symphony orchestra and choir with the instrumentalists and singers of the Oltenia Philharmonic (Romania) 2002.Available for purchase from:



Track Time Sample Play
1 Introduction 10:21
2 Caravan Moving Towards …. 14:37
3 Tawaf 6:39 Download Play
4 Caravan Moving Towards Karbala 11:02 Download Play
5 Tasua 23:03
6 Last Meditation 10:21 Download Play
7 The Day of Ashura 16:18 Download Play
Download Play
8 The Sunset of the Battle 15:11 Download Play